Sudbury student Wren of Wrenacolor, (obviously) is always trying to bring a bit of fantasy into the modern world, meaning her art is normally fantastical mixes of mythical beings and mediums! She works with anything from clay, to watercolor, to wire and is often combining many of them.

This year she was reaching towards a dreamland featuring "flying" whales and creatures from the deep. Wren will also have some more cuddly critters occupying her fantasy world- I mean, at her table. In addition she will have some of her photos, capturing her typical style. The photos will be a backdrop to some fantastical horns so you can really blend in with any local creatures that might be lurking about.

The Modern Dream

Erin is a felting machine and founder of The Modern Dream brand. She co-owns the retail shop in Saugerties with her husband, Jonathan Gilbert. Works under The Modern Dream label include felted wool bowls, coasters, runners and trivets, needle-felted pet portraits, screen printed works on paper and cloth, needlework kits, graphic weavings and it just goes on...

Kid Zone!!!

The Kid Zone is going to be a happening spot this year! Check out our fabulously fun filled activity schedule. Holiday Classic short films, Story Hour, Holiday Sing Alongs with Al and Rubin and 3 different Art Workshops withForever After Art! We are happy to supervise kids who want to stay and enjoy the activities while their parents shop!

Creative Cat

Marissa, of Creative Cat, is a veritable font of creative energy. She is a powerhouse of the imagination, a juggernaut of originality. I could fill reams and reams of paper with epithets. She’s just so good. She’s pretty much always making something out of anything. I’ve seen her make disco balls, ray guns, multi-storied doll-houses, complex comic-strips, tattoo technologies and designs, and lots else. She’s back this year offering her infamous on-demand custom portraits on the super-cheap. I can’t wait. I asked Marissa about her process recently and she said, “it feels like a river: you move along, and up and down with the waves, and when you finally finish it’s like going over a waterfall, and afterwards it’s beautiful all your stress is gone and you’re free to do whatever you like."

Game Hero

Our cutest vendor at this year’s sale is known to his intimates as “Yoshi,” and that’s because he’s cute, bouncy, kind, four years old and the ultimate Game Hero. That’s right: Luc is already developing his entrepreneurial muscles, even though most doctors don’t recommend pre-schoolers practice business. But Luc doesn’t care what doctors think; with some help from his mama, he’s still offering an impressive line of beautiful board games crafted from recycled materials. He’s even donating ½ his proceeds to buying gifts for those less fortunate, cause that’s what a Game Hero does. Be sure to swing by Luc’s table to say hi to everyone’s favorite little businessguy and check out his stuff.

Photo Booth

The Hudson Valley Sudbury School's Photography Cooperative is one of our most professional and dedicated groups. The coop has been meeting regularly for two years, training with experts, workshopping each other’s work, and engaging an exhaustive study of the intricacies of the art. With a strong group focus on people as subjects, the Coop has run several successful portrait booths at school events which have been received with wildly enthusiastic praise. We’re talking like obit-pic quality. Or Christmas Card quality, if you prefer a less morbid descriptor. Either way, do yourself a favor and come do a shoot with these guys - they’ll make you smile, too. Not in a forced way, mind you; you won’t be able to resist breaking out in a fresh, natural smile when you’re with this crew.

This year they will be offering quick turn around 4 x 6 prints!

Take a look at last year's photo booth shots: https://www.facebook.com/…/HudsonValleySudburyScho…/photos/…


Hudson Valley Sudbury School Student Vendor Alert!!

Lucie, Stardust exec and artist comes from the finest crafting stock in New York, and she’s put this inheritance to amazing use: this is her - count it - eighth consecutive Sudbury Winter Gift Sale. Two years ago I picked up one of her odd little stuffed “Quiet Ghosts” for my two year-old daughter, and she (my daughter) still becomes quiet in the thing’s presence (thanks, Lucie). This year Lucie is offering a selection of jewelry crafted from doll and toy parts, along with chokers, screen printed tees and flaxseed animals. We’ll let you decide whether they’re cute or creepy, but it’s definitely really cool.

Cal Patch

Cal Patch has been a maker since she was a Girl Scout in the seventies. She sews, crochets, spins, embroiders, knits, prints, makes patterns, dyes… hence the name of her clothing label: *hodge podge*. Cal has been teaching the textile arts since 2000, at shops and retreats across North America, and now offers online workshops in Pattern Drafting, Sewing and Crochet via Creativebug. After seventeen years of being a New York City dweller, Cal now resides in the Catskills where she is becoming a crafty farmer and growing her handmade wardrobe. Her first book, Design-It-Yourself Clothes, Patternmaking Simplified, was published by Potter Craft. You can see what she’s up to at her blog: http://hodgepodgefarm.net/.



A few years ago, Ulysses got into crafting with duct tape - and it stuck!   For a while anyway, but now the sticky stuff has worn off and he’s getting into other things.  This year he’ll be partnering with his younger bro Zephyr, who is making his big debut on the gift sale stage.  They have created a brand new business: Trivimancers, and will be offering an array of cork trivets.  The corks all come from bottles of wine drunk by liberals in the 24 hours following the election of Donald Trump. The boys first conceived the idea to make trivets while thinking about their aunt named Trivet (this is true).  Fun fact about Zephyr: he once stayed up until 10:00PM.  FUN FACT about Ulysses: he’s pretty tall.

Fleurs Jolies

Maya has extensive experience making jewelry and has sold to museums and craft galleries across the USA. She attended The Art Students League in NYC and received a degree in painting from Empire State College.



Much Mor Bread

Mor Pipman, artist and baker, combines her passions during the holiday season to create Much Mor Bread's edible gifts. Using the highest quality, all natural ingredients and 100% organic grain, Mor puts together an array of treats, big and small, for the holidays. From gingerbread houses, (and cottages and mansions), to quaintly decorated cookies, old fashioned fudge, brittles, marmalades and jams, the thoughtful care that goes into creating these gifts will be tasted in every bite!



Cutsie Crafts

This dynamic duo, known as Cutsie Crafts, are teaming up to offer an impressive line of jewelry and stress balls so you can get all dolled up and de-stress at the same time - talk about one-stop shopping!  This is the first craft fair for Elischka, but Macey is already a stolid veteran, so despite her younger age she’ll be the unofficial leader of the group ok, Elischka?  These are multi-talented young ladies: in her spare time, Elischka is pursuing a career as a vocal artist and Macey is a gymnast.


Butterfield Pottery

Butterfield Pottery is a collaboration of Davin and Susan Butterfield, potter and painter. The forms are inspired by historic pottery east Asia and early American and American Art pottery.The result is functional and beautiful that is food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. The pieces boast botanical themed brushwork, over glazed, high temperature, porcelain and stoneware. The Butterfields are a staple vendor at the Sudbury Winter Gift Sale and many shoppers like to build on their collection year after year.

www.art-kiosk.com artist # 28252
Butterfield Pottery open by appointment

The Tweedles

Our second student business is composed of a powerful duo who call themselves The Tweedles. Most people who meet Irena assume she is a wood-elf, but it’s hardly the case: she’s actually a shapeshifter who can turn into a chipmunk. Note that she retains the qualities of the beast while in her human form: she is small, aggressive, playful, and quick. Raina, on the other hand, is a horse. Uh, I mean, her spirit animal is the horse. She is a horse-focused human and by all accounts rides like a French cavalier. This year Irena and Raina are offering jewelry made of recycled materials and lovable stuffies.

Cindy Hoose Studio

Cindy Hoose of Cindy Hoose Studio is a painter, sewer, and crafter of original fantastical creatures, a staff member at The Hudson Valley Sudbury School and is the mind behind the best gift sale in the Hudson Valley - this one!

The DNA of her creations reflects sometimes the fox, sometimes the cat, the dog, the rabbit, the bird, or another, but a complex humanity is expressed on their evocative faces; where one viewer sees melancholy loneliness, another might see sweetness and humor. While their patchwork bodies and expertly childlike construction lends them the air of attic fairies, their energy holds them squarely within the subtlety of real life.

Cindy studied Fine Art and Art History at SUNY New Paltz, where - inspired by both Outsider and children’s art - she became committed to art based upon authentic creative impulse, released from the competition for acclaim and approval. Her childhood fascination with whimsical creatures was reignited when she began making stuffed creatures for her own two children. Her art and sewing are inspired by Maira Kalman, Marc Chagall, vintage children’s books, patterned fabrics, and the forlorn expressions of animals everywhere. She works with a variety of acrylic mediums (often needing to resist the urge to eat her frosting-like mixtures) alongside of various recycled materials.

Cindy has collaborated with Women's Studio WorkshopHudson Valley Seed Library, and Dog on Fleas. She has had solo shows at The Rosendale Cafe, and Inquiring Minds Coffee House and Bookstore as well as participating in many group shows across the Hudson Valley. She lives with her husband John and their two children, Thor and Lucie, in Kingston, NY.


Elizabeth Bryant

If you are looking for the perfect addition to your holiday dinner table look no further! Elizabeth Bryant's booth is your answer!

Elizabeth has been living and crafting in the Hudson Valley for over 30 years. Her pure, NYS, bee-friendly beeswax candles are small-batch handmade, one at a time, in her little cottage studio near Tivoli NY.


Lora Shelley, BFA Rhode Island School of Design.

Lora Shelley’s narrative paintings delve into the artist’s inner world -- with reflections on childhood, and the rich dream-scape of a creative mind.

Sometimes dark and sometimes playful, Lora’s figurative works give a nod to her influences: Nolde, Munch, Gauguin, Kollwitz, Alice Neel, Bonnard, Van Gogh, Klimt etc.

New paintings from Lora’s Diner Series (featuring diner waitresses with a nostalgic view of the classic American diner) will be on display, inspired by her residency in Rome with RISD’s European Honors Program.

Lora’s work has been exhibited and is in private collections worldwide -- residing in Australia, Africa, Germany, Italy and France.

The Art in Embassies Program selected Lora’s work for exhibition in Lilongwe, Malawi - 2001-3, then again in 2004-7 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa. Her work was then purchased by the seated American Ambassador.

Locally, Shelley’s work has graced the covers of -- The Valley Table, The Country and Abroad and Chronogram. Featured Artist in the Catskill Mountain Region Guide (July 2005). Nationally in Decor Magazine several times as well as Art Business News.

Instagram - Lora Shelley
Facebook - Lora Shelley Artist

Medicine Gardens

Medicine Gardens will be helping us celebrate 10 years with their goods:

"My life's work starts in the garden. My garden is my source of medicine, nourishment, inspiration, love!!! With the plants I cultivate, I create things to care for our bodies, minds and spirits such as oils, creams & salves, incense & smoke and drawings & paintings that remind us of how sacred these plants are. I love to offer these to the people at local markets, and during the winter while my garden sleeps, I travel to other parts of the world to experience how others live and cultivate their gardens, and bring back handmade, plant based or inspired crafts to share with my community here alongside my own work. Drawing connections between plants and people, across cultures and continents, brings an awareness that we're all of the same human family, and of the earth."



Little Rose Rabbit

Little Rose Rabbit is a mother/daughter team of upcyclers, taking a variety of secondhand materials and transforming them into beautiful unique designs that make wonderful eco-friendly gifts for children and adults.



Jewels by Jen

Jewels by Jen will be back this year. Here's what she has to say:

"I have been beading for over 20 years, and I love creating jewelry & accessories that people enjoy wearing or giving as gifts. I like combining different colors and textures, and adding new items to my line. The Sudbury Winter Gift Sale is one of my favorite events, and I look forward to another successful show!"